It’s You

Yeah, you – out there. I am here, but important in this blogosphere relationship is that so are you – out there in your own version of here. Try to share the blog around in your own connections to see if anyone you know takes to it. Try to do it the same way you do if you like a movie or a book or a color of shoe – nothing more, but nothing less.

That blatantly admitted I’d like to thank the 3 of you who clicked on yesterday, causing me to know that you are really out there. I hope you only clicked on like from interest and not because one of your friends bet you $5 or something.

Some of you may know that I am seeking literary agent representation for a recently completed novel and working on both the sequel and on a writing sample for an academic post as a doctoral fellow where they pay me to finish the advanced studies for becoming a philosophy professor and they also help me by making me and letting me teach while having mentors who will correct me and give me a chance to fix it if I screw up instead of just firing me because I am supposed to know how to teach already. The position is an an Austrian city and lasts for 6 years. It is not the ideal location in terms of wanting my son around and still preferring English and missing the USA and the UK but it is one of those situations where the opportunity to be paid enough to really live on doing what I love rather than not getting paid to do what I love or not being allowed to do what I love matters enough to me to go live in an Austrian city. They will pay well enough for me to cover most or all of my son’s expenses but it will not be enough pay to sit around bragging amongst the middle class…It will be more like: hey, they paid me well enough to not need welfare!

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