Daily Life as a Spiritual Experience 2014

Here are a few basics tenets of what spirituality is and how it works in real life.

1) Being alive means that you are having a spiritual experience. When it does not feel subjectively as if one’s life is not even vaguely spiritual that means that: A) either you have had your entire brain and life force removed or B) you are having a day or year or decade that spiritually actually is not, or does not seem to be working out for you.

2) Basic methods of assessment: A) If it is making you miserable but making you (or I or anyone) a better person – like drug or money or sexual or political power withdrawal or some kind of misery like that, no longer beating your spouse or stealing etc… Then it is probably spiritually good even though it sucks right now. Sometimes things get worse before they get better. B) if the misery is not being caused by painful changes that are causing you (or I or all of us) to become a better person then spiritually that may be more like bad pain than good pain and you should change what you are doing. C) Done correctly, good oriented spiritual practices will also help you be happy and to have a life that you like although you will meet people who disagree or who don’t fathom how the life that is right for you is not the way they prefer to live.

It actually takes place in the real world. The best simple way to understand is to say that it has to do with being aware – self consciousness is a biggie in those who like to get into dialog about what is spiritual and what is not.

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