Blogging – what does it mean? 2014

Here we are again. You readers are welcome and appreciated whether that’s my Dad or if it is one of women and men who have connected with in an online only or even Ashley checking in after she’s been back in the USA for a while.

Two people I have some personal feelings about are having their birthdays today. I won’t go into it any further than that.

Blogging: why do I even do it? Back when I was often easy to find at the Monon Coffee Company in Broad Ripple for at least a few hours weekly or only 4 hours every two weeks if I had less interest there were other people who blogged including ‘Jen who usually wears a dress.’ Jen is younger than me and I think she managed to get hired writing about food. We were never close but were often in the same cafe at the same time. We are the same gender but I have been observed in trousers more than in a dress during recent years. I have mostly worn dresses and skirts at work. I can break the habit of not and get back into dresses but have to remember to not engage in certain kinds of play or work when I do and it can take a few weeks or even months before everyone gets used to seeing me in a skirt or dress enough to influence me in the morning by having changed their expectations of what I will be wearing when they see me.

I have been told by professional writers that if I am a professional writer I should blog. I liked people reasonably well, as well as preferring to write professionally rather than only as an amateur but I write more from love than out of ‘obeying my boss’ and that really shows in both bad and good ways.

I’m not always sure what it means that I do. That may be normal. If nothing else, some of you will read a few words from me today and remember that I exist.

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