Environmental Sustainability in a German Village 2014

Some of them could tell you in English and others would explain in body language or perfectly clear German.  Obviously, if the German makes no sense you will get confused despite their straightforward, clear verbal expressions. 

There are many who care about the environment around here.  It shows in a variety of ways.  Waste removal is handled rather well and to a level of complexity not even Americans are used to. 

In addition to that, many local farmers – and Farmer Schmidt really does live locally to where this message is coming from, may make many decisions based on knowing that the land needs to still be fertile in 100 years and that poisoning everything with pesticides is not a good idea. 

Not only that, but there are wind farms around here supporting clean energy for the future.  This is a modern reprieve of the wind mill.  Where this message is coming from there are a few of the really old wind driven mills in the village, and over the hill giant modern metal wind farm wind mills stand tall.  This region is very much like the flatlands of the American Midwest with a steady strong wind coming in from the West – unless you are heading into Doerverden in which case the wind tends to blow in your face irrespective of which angle you approach the center of the village from.  No need for a motorcycle just to feel the wind blowing in your face here. 

Finally, there are also solar panels around town.  Not everyone has them but there are noticeable enough for regular G8 nation types and the borgeoisie to be pleased and impressed.

Most of the time the brick work seems almost paranoid, but a great way to protect the forests…until we get really strong winds and I start praying that the breezes won’t make a mockery of the little bits of clay sticking up in the path of the wind.  Luckily it was only like that twice last year. 

If you see an animal which has natural head gear that looks just like the Loki crown in the Thor movie, guess what – you’ve spotted the local big goat.  They really do sport horns of that exact kind and have beards as stylish as urban adult male jazz musicians.  You can wave or pretend its nothing.  I am only aware of 2 in the whole village which are really like that.

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