Poetry – a personal view

Warm weather

Light souls

Elves or just small animals – observing, fluttering, hearing, as if you are really there

Teen using lap top

Woman as Mom using laptop

My kid calls me by a nickname I first used when working at a Summer Camp – actually taking care of younger people before they grew up.  I was sincere but there was less commitment than with my own child. 

Poetry can allow people to express various aspects of one situation.  I do like free verse, but I am enough of an educated intellectual to also like
it when people using classical verse forms.

Oh, sure, just explain that it 4 line stanzas of iambic pentameter and remain clear

When I have tried it, I sometimes found that one line makes me have to go back and change three other ones because it really won’t work otherwise.

By the way:  Thanks to having spent 1994 – 1999 living in the UK, my own countrymen, the USA will not accept blood donations from me.  In a way this makes me happier but they said it because I have been exposed to England’s “mad cow disease problem”.  I think it was caused because someone made them cannibalize and they know it is wrong so much that it makes them go insane even when they were not told that was what they were being fed.  There are chicken farmers in the USA who I heard do that.

That was not iambic pentameter by the way.

Sticking in comments that seem unrelated unless one understands the situation does not always yield good poetry but sometimes it does.  When reading poetry ask yourself: would this make sense in the context of an entire situation even if it does not make linear, one topic sense?

I am not sure, but the Germans might not use as much growth hormone on their dairy cattle.  Around “here” there is not so much early onset adolescence as in the USA with the present generation.

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