Writer’s advice?

Today will be another dose of the humble level of writer’s advice that I am qualified to give.  In truth, I have not had the financial success nor amount of publication that I have desired for decades now.  That does mean that there is a definite limit to the quality and level of advice that I can give. 

That confessed, I have ghostwritten and authored enough that I have been published both online and in print in magazines and on business websites and a semi-pubbed novel which I am still seeking a more traditional deal for and a nonfiction booklet on philosophy which is not a vanity press deal.  I have made tens of thousands of dollars writing.  That granted, there is some advice that I am qualified to give. 

Today’s tip: traditional print media publication is very slow and does not help writers who need money right away or anytime soon until or unless one works as an in house employee or has well established editorial and publishing co contacts and the writer has been doing it long enough and still does such that, one receives pay for work done awhile ago and submits stuff likely to pay off within the upcoming 12 months. 

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Writer’s advice?

  1. This is such a great piece of information, and as someone with a literary blog, I am thankful for the tip. Great and helpful post!

    • miriamspia says:

      Thanks. I went and checked out your blog. I have read Simone deBeauvoir and Luce Irigaray, and other women who have made some efforts in philosophy over hundreds of years. Much of the material from European women during the Medeival and Enlightenment periods took the form of letter exchanges with prominent thinkers of the day.

      Did you already know that? Do you teach philosophy or are you a homebody and a writer?

      Thanks very much for bothering to comment.

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