Thursday – another Thor’s Day

Where I come from we were taught that Thursday is named after the old Norse deity Thor. What do we know about this god?

Where I grew up I found out some information due to having Swedish ancestors. Like most Americans, I am an ethnic mixed breed partially created from people coping with being immigrants in the USA (foreigners forced to hang out with other foreigners) and with people who were already American mixing with new immigrants.

Like most Americans I saw during elementary school – more the mature end circa age 9 and 10, that Thor had a comic book.

Like most Americans I went to church and learned to love Jesus Christ early on whether I talked about it at all with my friends in and out of school or not. As an adolescent and worldly minded person and especially with Unitarian Universalism encouraging religious tolerance I learned more about other religions. The ancient Greeks and Romans of course turned up in history and in context with ancient philosophy and ancient history. Awareness of polytheism developed from there.

At this point I have learned more about religions within my own nation and outside of it, in the present and with respect to the past. At this point I think that Thor is doing very well for an old deity in a Christian country (I am aware of the naysayers, the atheists and the pagans and the Christians who don’t think anyone but the 50 of their group are real Christians). The movies in the beginning of the 21st century only add to the power of the comic books above and beyond the small number of present day Asatru pagans and cultural classics.

The main qualities of Thor still are: 1) Thunder is the sound of his hammer Mjolner as he fights with ice giants. 2) He is from Norway or Sweden or Finland but knowledge of him has spread wider. 3) He is a big blonde man, although once in a while someone may think he is a strawberry blonde. 4) He is a big white man but not for the purpose of insulting people of other races, but it’s just that he is. 5) He is honest. 6) He is a good guy. 7) He is very straightforward. This is usually interpreted as a virtue but he is so much so along with being rather outgoing that it can rub people the wrong way even when they are not the enemy.

That’s Thor.

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