No More Yesterday

Yesterday is gone. For some that comes as a relief. Anyone who had the best day of their life yesterday may not be so happy about it. Can any new day ever hope to live up to yesterday. Then there are those to whom that just sounds like the line from a song and they want me to hum a few bars to job their memory of the rest of it.

You probably noticed that in life, some stuff seems stable or permanent but then turns out to not be. Right now, a barn that was up for maybe a century or more is being torn down by a machine right in this neighborhood. Are we just 137 years from this being a ‘strip mall’?! Gawd, for the sake of this village I hope that never happens. Even so, even here in the countryside things change.

The truth, which could be viewed as being funny or not funny at all, is that seeing that it is a German barn it is made of bricks and mortar, quite literally although there is some unconventional weirdo nearby who built theirs out of mainly wood even though this is Saxony.

There is an American style house in the neighborhood as well. By that I mean a lot of wood construction and actual, honest to God exterior wall siding. Truth be told, that is an abandoned building to the best of my knowledge. If I could buy it and fix it up and live in it, then everyone could smile and joke about how true it was that they were able to get a resident who fits the house: their American neighbor for the American style house in the neighborhood. Now we have a match. No one around here can handle it, or else there is someone living in there who I have never seen and who does not have a car.

Well, yesterday is gone and so is half that barn. Anything that made it into long term memory is still available for review and whenever thought of by someone living, then it is sort of still alive.

Does that make sense to you as well?

Thee may be 2 posts today due to the mishap yesterday unless I forgot and did remember to post yesterday.

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