Writer’s Advice: seeking work online

Last week we discussed a little about writing, mainly for amateurs as I do not wish to give advice beyond what I actually know. I only attempted to write professionally after having had some success as an amateur and liking it. The success I had was not ‘huge’ or anything but was enough to make me think I had a chance. I was one of the kids published in the high school magazine and things like that. I am old enough for that to have happened before the Internet became regulated and popularized.

In the beginning of this century and millenium, like many writers, I was hoping for better luck as a professional. Now and then I had tried what was either the traditional approach or the old way. At this point I am not sure which is the better fitting description of the method.

In 2003 I received the suggestion to try seeking options online using a different search engine, so I did. I found some start up freelance sites and tried a few of them. One of them seemed able to supply me with some opportunities to get paid writing professionally. The pay was beginner rates. There were not always very many options but this way even though my networking skills were not very good I was able to find something, at least sometimes.

Since then, I found that I had more luck with one than the others. There are still problems. It also has not done what I had intended and hoped, which was to give me a good steady middle class income. It did not come even close to doing that. So, as I went along I also continued to seek to learn more about how to do it so that it would, without making it so that I don’t even like doing it anymore.

There are ways to use the Internet to get traditional writing contracts, not only freelance contract writing work, but to land more steady stable things – but I have not had success with that at this point. It clearly works for some people but not for everyone. There are also ways to get freelance contracts online. There are numerous freelancing sites but in the long run it is a crap shoot because it takes time to set up well at any one of them and the same one does not yield everyone the best results.

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