More From “Saxon Heaven on Earth”

Sharing on the blogosphere about my latest location is one of the purposes of the blog.  I have considered professional travel writing and have written a few pro blogs about real estate but this is more of an informal type of sharing. 

The weather today has continued to be above freezing.  The bad news is that we are left out of the snow.  The good news is that we are left out of the cold and the snow. 

Having been a home body today I have nothing else new to report.  That doesn’t mean nothing has changed.  The big change in our lives today is that the shed door that was blown off the hinges by high winds back in October has been fixed today and is better than it was before.  The other big news is that no classes were cancelled at Sven’s Domgymnasium over in Verden.

Verden is the nearest bigger town.  They have a hospital and more schools and library etc..  Verden has quite a history.  In the late 700AD/CE Christian invaders from the Roman Empire managed to beat down local “pagan” or unreligious tribes.  After that, for 1000 years the town was the seat of the Bishropric of Verden.  The area was included by the Kingdom of Hannover with strong ties to the more democratic or merchant run ‘free city’ of Bremen a day’s ride further North maybe less on the river.  After that or during all of that Verden became a great cavalry and horse town.  They have had national and regional and even international champion equestrians from right around here.  More recently the English – who were formerly related to the Kingdom of Hannover, were stationed here between WWI and WW2 and then from WW2 until 1998.  Since then Verden has carried on and became part of the new reunited Germany. 

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