Uranian Fiction – what is it?

Hi everyone, here is today’s anecdotal tale from my real life.  A few years ago now, it came to me to try ‘branding’ my creative fiction.  For some reason, rather than just using my name Miriam Pia, I chose Uranian Fiction.  It seemed to fit.  It came to me much like the names of bands come to musicians I think.  It may fly, it may flop. 

In truth, the same could be said of my name.  That is my real name but also only my maiden name.  Whether you think it is sad, scandalous, glamorous, impressive, or random chaos: I have married a Larrison, and we each kept using the surnames we already had.  I really like the name Larrison and practiced using it.  So, that isn’t why I didn’t change it.  A few years later, he was no longer my husband.  A few years after that I married an Okrongli.  Neither of us changed our surnames legally but we both used the two surnames that we gave to our son.  Pia – Okrongli.  It made it so we could invoke the old surname and include one another’s.  Notice that otherwise this would have meant: Larrison – Okrongli.  Some years later, both of the adults involved discontinued to using both our surnames together but our child still has both surnames on all of his American and British legal documents and I have no wish to change that.  Another few years later and I married a Smith.  I think that is the most boring surname on Earth and did not choose to ever use it.  Maybe I will use it as part of a pseudonym for a short story someday.  He has not been my husband for a while now again either.  That would have been either Larrison-Okrongli-Smith, or just Smith, or Pia-Smith, or Okrongli-Smith otherwise.  Now, who am I?  I feel like a ma,e puzzle game at that point, instead of just like a woman. 

Puzzle games and laughter and tears aside, Uranian Fiction is the umbrella name for my the fiction that I author, by whatever name.  There have been days when I wondered whether Uranian Fiction is going to end up being the name of the micro-publishing company I use to release my creative fiction or something else.

For now, it is the title of a website.  I have broken my own rule and included some of the nonfiction creative writing that I have done there, believing that I will specialize the sites later on, with Uranian Fiction harboring only the fiction and the nonfiction have some other label – maybe my name. 

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