Where it is snowing and where it is not 2014

This evening, where I am the weather is well above freezing. However, during the past week there have been large increases in reports of snowfall and dropping temperatures.

The sun still sets uncomfortably early but it is already a lot better than it was at the worst because it is a few weeks later. There is literally an hour and a half more light, half at each end of the day.

I just spent a few hours in a recreational conference call using Skype. This is very 21st century, although an elite few may have had the privilege back in the 20th century. I have not even adjusted to conducting a lot of business online using the same technology but it is an event which I would have been left hopeless or sobbing from the overwhelming nature of the upcoming phone bill for such an event but now in the 21st century, it is literally a “Yeah, sure, no problem,” type of deal. Wow.

Not everything has changed with the Millenium but I have sure noticed that one.

Have a good day and handle local conditions accordingly.

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