Wonderful Weather & Rapid Changing Lights

Earlier today when reading social media posts from other people I learned that they were snowed in or huddled indoors to stay warm on an icy day.  Southern Saxony today was very mild.  After reading about the other weather conditions, and not having my ski equipment with me I felt we are lucky here today.  So far there have two frosts and no snow, but it has been darker than I am comfortable with. 

Having had little else going on, I have learned more about the local conditions in terms of the Sun and the Moon.  The amount of sunlight in terms of ‘dawn and dusk’ at this latitude is 2 hours of change every 6 weeks.  That is actually a lot and fast but in human so called rat race it kind of creeps around on people like stuff that exists even though we pay no attention to it.  Trust me, the plants know.  Even if I had not studied druidry at all, which I have, I can safely share with you that the dictum “Follow the Light!” is as likely to be the belief of the local plant life as the passionate Christian referring to God as the Light.  They do. 

Anyways, that aside, the dark lasts long enough up this far North, but South of Scandinavia (which tells you something) to have noticed the Moon as being radiant during the day.  Now, by this I mean the Moon being up during clock hours that human society normally interprets as being day time, the afternoon and the morning, or perhaps the evening.  Today is an example, because the Moon was up glowing in the sky at half past 5pm.  That’s right after you get out of work, and nowhere nearly bedtime for most adults – so you see what I mean. 

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