How does this really work? Stats and Received Feedback 2014 begins

Hi, this is sort of part of an interaction with you, each and every reader.  It is unlike regular in close interpersonal interaction because of what signals there are showing that someone responded and very different time delays between action and response than one gets when in a live in close interactive group where we can all see each other and hear and feel the energy etc..

What happened is that I felt good when I saw input via my email telling me that a few people licked on like over yesterday’s post and those of the preceding few days but then when I looked at Stats for my blog they told me that no one even looked at it.  Well, that doesn’t add up, does it?  So, what’s going on?  I came straight to you with this rather than going and spending a week on the forums for bloggers without mentioning this to you.

I realize that for some, this seems unprofessional but in truth, my aim is really to blend personal interacting with the business of introducing people to me and my work and managing to help some of you out there.  Most of the ‘helping’ may just be sharing some of what I actually do know and being myself and not pretending to know when I don’t. 

Please provide feedback about this.  Are the stats bunk or is my perception that some of you are responding more so than the daily stats report an illusion?


One thought on “How does this really work? Stats and Received Feedback 2014 begins

  1. Joseph Pia says:

    Of course I read your posts, daily even. Always interesting stuff. Yours is more interesting than mine would be.

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