New Year’s Eve – Same as Everyone Else?! 2013 to 2014

Wow, we’re far enough along now to be aware that there a lot of cognizant people born in the 21st century. My son was born at the end of the 20th century. I think we were years into this Millenium and Century when I realized that as long I don’t die prematurely most of my life will occur in the 21st century – a fact I often overlooked despite having been a very future oriented child.

Congratulations on another year all of you out there. Lately I have been saving feedback from you to get more of a sense of who is really connecting with this.

New Year’s Eve. Wow, I guess the best way to celebrate depends on how old you are, where you are, who you are with and your lifestyle preferences. Is it the equivalent of Kosher to use a pinyata at New Year’s parties? Culturally, I honestly don’t know. I had about 3 lessons in proper use of a pinyata and that’s it.

At this point my son is an 18 year old and I am some lady in her 40s. My life expectancy is about 85 going by grandparents ages at their death, so it is a bit premature to feel old but more and more I meet adults who weren’t even born until after I grew up. If you weren’t sure it took me FOREVER to grow up but then suddenly it had happened anyway. Many of you out there may have felt the same way or know someone else who had that experience.

As a child a few friends and being allowed to stay up until midnight was good enough. Around 18 & 20 for me, going out until 3am and getting safely but really intoxicated with a lot of walking and fresh air or being at a private party and still a couple of fireworks and the ball dropping was enough. Ages 30 and 40 I did something along those same lines the more it involved including the baby the less it included getting intoxicated.

This year, I have bought and already lit off a few low level fireworks here in the village. I am not sure if what I have would be legal or illegal over in the USA in New York state.

Have fun, but take care to be safe and to protect any loved ones!

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