“Writer’s Advice” Final Entry 2013

The type and amount of writer’s advice I feel qualified to give is greater than nonexistent but limited.  I believe I wrote about some types of professional writers for one or two posts.  Even so, there are still more. 

There are corporate writers, and there are freelancers and there people we may think of as book writers or novelists or as academics who get something published. 

So called freelancing is not always the way it seems.  There are times when it is a lead in to getting a real job as a staff writer for a magazine or a newspaper.  Most of us remember the amazing freelance journalist who was offered a job by NBC after some of his investigative journalism in the Middle East made prime time news shows a few years ago.  People were impressed by his work and sort of flustered and dumbfounded that he was a freelancer. 

Many have heard of Peter Parker in the Spider Man story when a middle aged newspaper man tells a young man to freelance because he is too immature and inexperienced to be granted an actual job at the newspaper.  Then, only thanks to being a super hero in disguise, is the young man able to regularly freelance for the newspaper.  That’s how difficult it can be to get anywhere freelancing.  Good luck with it: that was even though the editor was willing to give him the time of day.

There are people who write well and somehow meet the right editorial staff somewhere.  This can happen simply by submitting a good piece of work and then not messing up the relationship with the editorial staff.  Events of that nature sometimes lead to long term and repeat business.

When that happens often enough at good enough rates of pay, a freelancer can actually be a person who runs his or her (their) own little writing business. 

What % of writers does that happen to?  I honestly don’t know. 

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