Types of writers continued

Last week one post was about types of writers and some of the types of professional ones.  Like most industries, it all seems the same at first, but the more you learn about it, the less like that it stays. 

Advertising: there are writers who work for advertising agencies.  Some agencies do work with freelancers, others do not.  For people who do not only write, this can be a good match.  You have to like people, creativity and the true nature of advertising.  If helping people is everything to you – this may rapidly decay into mere profiteering.  If you just like to get paid and deal with creative people, you might really like this industry.

Documentation: I didn’t even know about this until I was over 40 years old.  These are corporate positions.  If you already work in a large company with numerous departments – ask around, and you just might find that you can get a spot in the documentation department. 

Writers in documentation departments are less likely to have journalism or communications degrees than the people working in TV, newspaper staff, magazine staff and ad. agencies.  They are more likely to have a technical skill such as engineer and want to write.

Grant proposal writers:  These people may or may not admit that they are even writers depending on how they got there and how they really feel about it.  They do write, but normally they make their money writing proposals for an organization to get grants.  There are a few specialist freelancers who write grant proposals.  This is another one of those weird little jobs that one might not have thought of when one think “writers”.

There are more than just these.  Hope this helps those wondering what “writers” means in terms of job titles.

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