Sunday ‘Sun daze’? 2013

Once people have been alive for a few years they may develop routine behaviors.  This can be good or bad, depending on other factors.  Many enjoy their Sunday routines and for most of us, in the very long run, they change at least a couple of times. 

During good days – Sunday routines are nice.  During bad times, they can turn into Sundaze: the parents or the kids want it, but someone else in the family doesn’t. …or people had to work that year instead of going to church, or people went to church hung over and felt dazed that way.

Anyway, just felt like acknowledging all of those feelings and kinds of challenges people may be dealing with on any given Sunday.

As for myself, I didn’t make church but did have a really nice brunch and chat with the 18 year old young man (cusp of boy to man, starter man…) this morning.  This one is my only child and only son.  My older brother is an only son but not an only child: big difference.

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