December 2013 Random Personhood

Some middle aged lady was using her laptop and ran into a weird problem. She has a laptop that is connected to an in home wireless network. It worked no problem after having been set up, until – all she did was go out of town for a few weeks and when she got back the laptop is acting up as if it were a disgruntled dejected relative or something. She has fussed around with it, and asked the teen offspring, and lamented the loss of IT Dept. exhusbands who not only had decent incomes but normally resolved domestic computer problems at no fee and without the hassle of “online forums”.

This lady did not transform into being and feeling ‘middle aged’ overnight. Just like growing up, it seemed to take forever and to take lots of time but to happen quickly all mixed together. When young, she had assumed being middle aged and old were both going to be good, hopefully better than being young – despite all the hype to the contrary. More mature, more experience, she thought there would also be more money and long term investments and a good sex life but more power and dominance than in her young womanhood which was devoted to an odd mixture of making the middle aged and old years better through proper preparations and just going ahead and being sure to have some fun.

At this point middle age is a lot like: Uh, lemme see, I did this, that and the other thing to cause the current circumstances to be…Uh, not exactly like this. So, either some stuff went wrong or else it doesn’t work the way I thought it did. Some of it is just harder than it looked. Anyway, how to adjust for what I know now and deal with life as well as possible. The rest of middle age is yet to come and old age will come along afterwards.

Uh, that lady is actually me. I’m in my mid to late 40s now and while I am glad that it is true that my only child is 18 now before I am a 50 year old, I had expected to have way more power and money by now and to still have a good sex life and a bunch of real (rather than fake) friends going on. That isn’t really what it is like now, but dinner is cooking so I have to go now.

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