Helping Other Writers early Dec. 2013

Here is the reality of the situation.  As a writer, other than ‘losing’ to competitors, I don’t feel that I can be of any real useful assistance to all other writers out there.  There are many I have made online contact with who have been published more times and by bigger publishing houses or who have more experience selling their wares or their skills to higher paying markets.  Because help is often based on experience, I don’t feel I have much to offer people like that in the way of assistance.

However, there are types of writers that I probably really can help without having to ‘be a loser in relation to a winner’ to do so.  I did offer some writing workshops as one small effort to do so.  I just brought in regular people: one group, I helped to write a unique poem about themselves.  The other group I helped to clarify and organize the intergenerational stories and experiences that they want to be able to carry on or even to pass on to future generations of their families.  They did not view themselves as professional writers but I was able to help them.

There are writers who are novices to the profession that I can offer a little help to, but I still need help from editors and inside contacts and publishers and agents and more experienced pros in order to even learn what I need to do, and then I also have to do it, or else it doesn’t work. 

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