Blogging – Notes for writers 2013

There are professional and amateur writers.  There are also definitions in life.  Personally, I lump those who write the TV news in with the poets and the novelists.  I have met writers who either really don’t want to be paid or who are pressured to pretend they don’t want to receive money for their efforts.  Most, like myself, do want to be paid well enough to have a respectable income: enough to cover overhead costs of a place to live, utilities etc.. and not just “it will be enough for you as long as you live off of other people while you do it”. 

Bloggers may be amateurs or professionals.  I am one of the ones who only went pro as a writer due to passion and interest as an amateur.  I have met a number of competent professional writers who got into it as a job after college who never had any natural passion for it, and didn’t even want to be writers.  One example is the managing editor of Hypergrid Business: she is a woman from some of my high school math classes.  She even got a math degree and was turned into a writer.  That’s not what happened to me at all.  What happened to me was that I was a passionate reader who wrote for school and for fun now and then who kept working towards or trying to have or to get a decent ‘real job’ a ‘good day job for college graduates’.  Instead I ended up backed into a corner and wrote in the hopes of getting paid for doing what I love despite divorce and feeling way too much as though I had done something rather like painting oneself into a corner or mopping an interior domestic floor in such a way as to be trapped until it all dries or risk making a mess. 

Because of that I became way more flexible and ghostwrote books, and wrote articles and blog posts without bylines for pay as a freelancer.  My original intent had been to work a good day job and to write a series of novels, probably science fiction novels as I’m one of the minority of women who really read lots of that and liked it.  Sadly, it seems to be a shrinking genre.

Once I came to believe that I should at least try to make being a professor my day job, I knew that meant I might be expected to write a few tomes of knowledge or to otherwise get published in the field in which I taught for a living. 

Many middle aged people have learned both success and failure. 

I only ever tried to be a writer because I was raised in a literate society and was talkative and loved to read…so I also tried writing.  I found out I was a writer and after some of my other day job hopes were slowly crushed, I realized it would help a lot if I would go pro and get paid to write…uh, by that I mean sooner rather than later.

Blogs are regular written amateurs just looking for some attention and sympathy and all kinds of other people.  I do read the odd post by other people, including more advanced professional writers.

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