They Don’t Accept Real Money December 2013

Hello again dear Readers.  If you have not been here before, “Welcome”.  If you have been around, good of you to come by again. 

Yesterday, I read about how to improve the quality of the blog, mainly for your short term benefit and my potential business improvements.  I know that’s telling you too much, but – imagine leaning forward and I do to, this makes it more like you’re in on it with me than it would be if I make sure I don’t tell you that. 

If you have been with me this whole time then you know that there is the issue about spending on making the blog environment more beautiful.  I finally did it and have even tried to renew.  Do you know what the system does?  It tries to force you into using a credit card.  If you can pay it off right away and have one or more credit cards it is not that bad but if you don’t or use it then forget – it might make it worse later rather than better.  I depend on something that is sometimes accepted and other times rejected for this new 21st century way of doing things.

In truth, I think more frequent changes in systems and technologies and methods is going to be a 21st century trend.  I hope that is not only to keep forcing the customers to buy more even after they have everything they need because unless they continue to both have work – which depends on the existence of their customers, and to get anything – which depends on the existence of having things to buy and on needing to get new stuff…Otherwise it won’t work unless deeper cultural changes occur.

What I meant by ‘they don’t accept real money’ in this case was:  1) I wanted to point out that American money has a built in mixed message now about how it is perfectly good real money but if you read it, it essentially tells you that it is an IOU.  American currency is passing IOUs around.  Well, credit cards – or forcing everyone to use credit cards would be ultimately doing the same thing…Perhaps we have all watched way too much Star Trek and heard the currency ‘credits’.  If at some point no one puts any real money onto credit cards, but debts can be paid off by receiving ‘points’ from other peoples’ credit cards then we can in fact live on borrowing money notes all the time.  Now, you may feel a little like you have entered the Twilight Zone which is the first line of a Rush (the Canadian rock band I love) song and also a reference to a TV show that those born before about 1980 may clearly recall from their personal life experience. 

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