Late November – bills, fees, writers, sales, and maybe a little drama 2013

In the USA, a holiday that the Canadians celebrated a version of back in October is about to happen.  The holiday commemorates at least one year when European colonists survived the year thanks to the help of some natives, making it a cross-cultural success story and a life rather than death story. 

Over in Germany this is not a holiday.  Germanic tribes have either remained stable or have pushed one another around, with only limited success for the thousands of years that people have lived there.  Nowadays, they do really have a problem though because their politics and economics have caused German women to be able to avoid pregnancy and to have become aversive of it.  Luckily, there are many German women who will be mothers but on the whole the Germans have been lowering their total population of natives.  This problem was already real back when You Know Who gained political power. 

At the same time, the government has been importing people to abuse for lack of German skills with low paying jobs and some are much happier with German culture than their native one.  Much of Western Europe encourages Turkish immigration.  The nations are allies on the military level.  On a personal level, beyond that I don’t know why other than that people who have a higher tolerance for men and women having sex with more than one person might like Germany better than Turkey.  Not that that’s any of my business.  I don’t think that’s the real motive behind the immigration policies but who knows.

The month is ending.  Either I will find and spend more money to make it so that you can still see the blue background with the pretty black swirly things or else it will suddenly go back to what it was like before.

Forgive me for lapses in blogging.  For the past few weeks I have missed my son and being able to be home at my own place but have really enjoyed being interacted with way more and much more easily and to spend time with some friends in the USA and to meet more people.  I’ve seen sold some copies of the little self-help philosophy booklet Five Big Questions in Life. 

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