Blog Blog Bling 2013

One big question is ‘how to grow a blog audience while actually being myself’.  Catchy titles are a big help.  This is one of those items that doesn’t change from age 18 on.  In fact, it doesn’t even change before then, but you know how we learn some stuff as adults and then: some of it changes and some doesn’t and it isn’t all only about whether or not someone got a grey hair or gained or lost weight.  Some of it is how we understand life.  There are principles about ‘how life works’ that don’t change and that can get boring over the decades but not everything does. 

Luckily, it doesn’t all get boring. 

In truth, I don’t usually know who reads the blog except of unless you click on something at your end that makes it clear that you have.  Once or twice I had an experience where I met up with a woman in person who had read the blog in between and I was pleased but a little shocked, just because that hadn’t really happened to me before. 

I’m not sure whether or not it will happen again, or if so, how much.

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