Specialty Lefty Shop Online

Specialty Lefty Shop Online

Are you the lefty or the friend or relative of one?  If so, then you know that there are times when it can be challenging to get the right type of item: something commonplace that needs to be oriented the other way. 

The link provided shows one good effort to help address supply problems for left handed goods.

A major problem for suppliers is inconsistency.  A store keeper stocks a lefty item, but the lefties don’t come by it.  The shop keeper gives up.  When it is not in stock some lefty comes and asks for the item.  Although specialty shops are one way to overcome to this, I have another idea.  One rooted more in public policy and mass scale awareness.

Merchants should choose or be delivered a date.  There should be radio, TV news and newspaper announcements alerting everyone to the date from which point left handed merchandise will be carried in stock for all stores that handle relevant merchandise.  This will eliminate consumer confusion about availability and with therefore spare merchants from the problems of inconsistent left handed consumer behavior. 

Spread the word.  This could be enacted before the end of 2014, and certainly by 2015.

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