Movies etc. Nov. 2013

The above is a clip of one of the handsome actors used in a Hollywood movie.  I noticed that starring heroines and heroes are usually gorgeous.  So, instead of: isn’t that amazing that he’s handsome and had a major role in a movie?  It’s more like: well, luckily, he’s handsome enough that they might let him have a good role – as long as he can also really act and whatever else they have to do (which might be a lot, not sure).

Anyway, I plan to see the latest Thor movie that he’s in if I can.  However much I do want people to buy my novel and my books and let me get paid well and to be at least semi-famous, I will probably still like Hollywood action movies even when the grandchildren have to push my wheel chair it’s my once a year outing from the old peoples’ home…and they take me to a big adventure film.  Maybe it will be in 3D in like 2040.  In the 2050s I will really be an elderly woman as long as I live that long.  I hope I have loving friends and get to be happy otherwise I might get really bad and be the old drugged woman who gropes the 30 year old male nurses at the old peoples’ home.  Ugh.

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