Maybe that was you

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If that was you – especially if that was you again, thanks. 

To many of you today is a holiday.  If so, hope you enjoyed it.  If not, hope the day went well anyway.

Late November – bills, fees, writers, sales, and maybe a little drama 2013

In the USA, a holiday that the Canadians celebrated a version of back in October is about to happen.  The holiday commemorates at least one year when European colonists survived the year thanks to the help of some natives, making it a cross-cultural success story and a life rather than death story. 

Over in Germany this is not a holiday.  Germanic tribes have either remained stable or have pushed one another around, with only limited success for the thousands of years that people have lived there.  Nowadays, they do really have a problem though because their politics and economics have caused German women to be able to avoid pregnancy and to have become aversive of it.  Luckily, there are many German women who will be mothers but on the whole the Germans have been lowering their total population of natives.  This problem was already real back when You Know Who gained political power. 

At the same time, the government has been importing people to abuse for lack of German skills with low paying jobs and some are much happier with German culture than their native one.  Much of Western Europe encourages Turkish immigration.  The nations are allies on the military level.  On a personal level, beyond that I don’t know why other than that people who have a higher tolerance for men and women having sex with more than one person might like Germany better than Turkey.  Not that that’s any of my business.  I don’t think that’s the real motive behind the immigration policies but who knows.

The month is ending.  Either I will find and spend more money to make it so that you can still see the blue background with the pretty black swirly things or else it will suddenly go back to what it was like before.

Forgive me for lapses in blogging.  For the past few weeks I have missed my son and being able to be home at my own place but have really enjoyed being interacted with way more and much more easily and to spend time with some friends in the USA and to meet more people.  I’ve seen sold some copies of the little self-help philosophy booklet Five Big Questions in Life. 

Integrating Feedback 2013

Before I wrote today’s post, I read someone else’s.  The system is set up that way.  It happened to be the blog of some publisher or a novel – but it was someone else’s, not mine. 

The stats do matter to me: right now, it still looks like one day in February in 2012 was the day the most people ever read my blog on the same day of all time so far.  I looked at the blog and don’t feel I understand why that one was so much more successful.  Maybe I went out in public that day and interacted more or something like that.  Maybe that is the day that Five Big Questions in Life, a little self-help pamphlet was actually released by a publisher.  Maybe I wrote the most FB posts of my life or applied for the most jobs and writing contracts in one day, but don’t remember exactly what I did that worked so well.

It does make me glad when at least one reader clicks on like, but I feel that if it was just someone the system forced to acknowledge it, then it is more of a scammy illusion type of thing than I had hoped or intended for it to be. 

We’ll keep going and see if it works.

Freebies and special offers

Freebies and special offers

Hello again, in late January 2019.  Today, there is a little more ‘sharing’.  This time it is that you may look into some online ‘deals’ using the link above.  It just means that we are connected in some way.  I’m not sure which of you out there would be interested.

Included in this shop-a-thon, are this: Five Big Questions in Life

and this: The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead

Buy now!  These make great gifts for others if you don’t need them for yourself.

Disjointed Information – maybe poetry 2013

Awareness involves whatever is going on around oneself.

A dog invited me to go outside with her.  This time I did.  At least 4 birds moved twice because of what we did out there.  The dog may have asked me to take her out for a walk but I don’t have enough of the instructions from those closer with the animal to be ready to do something like that but I am not strongly against the idea. 

I feel I should go out today.

Last night there was such a drama that I thought this laptop had died, which would have made it difficult or impossible to send this message this way today.  I might have managed it from the nearest library.

Today, I wanted to sell more copies of my books.  I have some on hand and was going to try to do so in person. 

It is early enough in the day and late enough that I should still do it even though I cannot do it the way I had intended at 9am this morning.

I like it better when self-employment actually works and I really earn money than when I work and it doesn’t pay off which makes it feel more like being a student or a slave or indentured servant. 

When I was a school girl I diligently did my work even though they did not pay me.  As a grown woman in the work world I sometimes wonder if that was the right thing to do or was actually a mistake because i should work more when people pay me given that I am not living in a Communist society.

I realize that if everyone was financially equal regardless I would probably feel more successful today than when I feel that no matter what I do, the expectation in general is that if it works properly I will be financially much wealthier and if it doesn’t pay well then there is a problem.  I do not agree that money is always the best judged but I had wanted to do well financially.  It does get weird.

Scattered thoughts about real life: cross cultural November 2013

At the moment, I’m in the USA after 3 entire years in Germany, actually a little more.  At this point, I expect to go back to Germany at the beginning of December. 

The time in Germany is the longest that I ever been out of the USA at one go.  I had not actually intended for that to be the case.  I had intended for both my son and I to spend weeks of each of the years that we lived over there, over here – keeping in touch with it.  Sometimes plans don’t work out, but sometimes they do. 

It is nice to have relief from what has been hardest for me over there that first 3years.  I feel like I haven’t figured out ‘how to work Germany’.  By that I mean: it is clear that it is a place that can be wondrous and is loaded with great potential.  Nowadays, it is also a popular nation, internationally.  Nevertheless, in some aspects I had a very hard time there, whereas other aspects were pretty good.

Obviously, I hope to be able to make it work better in all aspects over there when I go back.  I do plan to move me and my kid back here, but not until my son finishes secondary school.  As a heads up, they have Grade 13 over there, like the Canadians, which I had somehow not found out despite having had a German partner in my home for 9 years (in that case, I mean my kid’s father). 

Blah blah blah, stuff that’s different / stuff that’s the same.

General cultural statement about the Germans:  They probably did tell you, in very clear German, which is why you still don’t know even though they told you.

The messy process of writing a book: outtake

Some of you are aware that lately I have been editing a science fiction novel.  There has been some drama about that during the past two weeks and also some progress.

The drama is not nearly as drastic – thank God/ess, as the action along the plot line of the novel itself.

At the moment, the interstellar mercenary order has switched back from being called the Black Hawks to what I called them 20 years ago now: the Children of Loki.  They are nothing like the mythological children of that Norse rascal-god Loki we have seen in the recent Thor movies, but, while I don’t like evil, I am impressed by a great mage and given the reality of my culture, I like that he used cleverness to solve problems when straight forward methods might not work.  I like what Loki was like before he ‘went bad’ and still wonder whether the painful truth is that he went that evil or whether it was like when we see whoever is the American President done up as a demon or as Hitler which I have seen on Facebook about both George Bush Jr. and President Obama, so being Democrat or Republican doesn’t prevent the propagandization of criticism of the President.  Obviously the Thor movies do follow the line that the myths presented that Loki went pretty much nuts and evil.  While he does make a good movie villain, it’s too bad.

The Children of Loki mercenary order is not an agent of evil, but it is a rough and dirty type of situation where good manages to triumph over evil but how so, gets nastier than most civilized people would prefer.

The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead

The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead


The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead: An Adventure in Indianapolis by Miriam Pia

About the Book

Frustrated by the audacity of local villains, the Sheriff of Marion County turns to the Mayor. Urban fiction set in a real city, An Adventure in Indianapolis takes some of the charm of vigilante-comic book-heroism and mixes into the nitty gritty of contemporary crime fiction. A band of champions searches for the missing pieces in the evil plot of a local Drug Kingpin in The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead: An Adventure in Indianapolis.

Ideal for those who love events of the outside world and the workings of the minds – characters actions and thoughts are both portrayed in this contemporary novel with just a touch of magic.

About the Author

Starry eyed dreamer, SF buff, scholarly academic, softy Mommy, your friends’ very friendly girlfriend, and an asset to so many gaming sessions – Miriam has actually worked both as a ghostwriter on topics ranging from workplace diversity and mutual funds as well as writing fiction novels. Whether found in a cafe or a botanical garden you may be surprized – this lady is just anyone who is somehow ‘more than just your neighborhood Mom’ or typical ‘geeky Librarian’.

  • ISBN: 978-1-62857-225-4

    Thank you for your order. Please note this is the prerelease price. By placing the order you confirm that you understand this title is not yet released for printing. Your book(s) will be shipped to you within 2 weeks of the title being released. Refunds will be issued if the title is not published within twelve months from today’s date.


    NOTE: For orders of 15 or more copies please send your order request to Be sure to include ìPresale Orderî in the subject line and the following information: ISBN, Title, Quantity, Purchasing Contact, Phone Number, Email, and Complete Street Shipping Address (NO PO Boxes) in the email itself. For shipping to Hawaii please contact, where you will receive an invoice with convenient payment options which offer a reduced shipping charge.

November 2013 – First Snow in Indianapolis

Today began in Indianapolis, Indiana.  This is the Circle City, and the setting city of the novel The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead. 

Today there has been snow for the very first time this year.  Having spent some time in the city and some time away from it, I have been able to think about how the setting really effected the plot of the novel and how the location is described within the story. 

There are a few major features of the novel which are based on the reality of life in Indianapolis.  I dared to include a highly sensitive subject and chose a type of crime problem that the local law enforcement agents and much of the public is already uncomfortably aware of.  In international politics they call this the ‘black eye’.  Before I write more, let me point out that Indianapolis really is a good city.  It is just that, like everyplace else, there is trouble sometimes and certain kinds of problems.

Despite the urging of a publishing industry representative, I have not attempted to convert the novel from a quasi-vigilante team unleashed by the Mayor’s Office to help the local police into a murder mystery thriller.  One reason why not, is that I don’t even read thrillers but I did read some crime fiction stories and I have watched TV shows that have a number of the qualities that this novel offers. 

The setting is present in the novel, but I am not the sort of author to go into deep intricate details for pages about the setting.  As a writer I am more character and plot driven. 

While out of town and even out of the country it became clear that it is an Ameri-centric story set in one of the big cities. 

The story revolves around problems amongst both cops and robbers – or criminals in general and the public over the limits of procedure.  While I agree with all the upstanding people that police invasion and police-state security problems are worth preventing, I also agree with the cops and the other people who don’t like it when criminals, not cops are further abusing the laws just to get away with more crimes and blaming the cops for going too far in an effort to hand out justice.  Perhaps it is because I watched a lot of Batman or just because I have always loved hero stories and read a lot in my life. 

You can get yours – if you or anyone you know lives in Indianapolis – consider it a local author promo: right here and now!!

Blog Blog Bling 2013

One big question is ‘how to grow a blog audience while actually being myself’.  Catchy titles are a big help.  This is one of those items that doesn’t change from age 18 on.  In fact, it doesn’t even change before then, but you know how we learn some stuff as adults and then: some of it changes and some doesn’t and it isn’t all only about whether or not someone got a grey hair or gained or lost weight.  Some of it is how we understand life.  There are principles about ‘how life works’ that don’t change and that can get boring over the decades but not everything does. 

Luckily, it doesn’t all get boring. 

In truth, I don’t usually know who reads the blog except of unless you click on something at your end that makes it clear that you have.  Once or twice I had an experience where I met up with a woman in person who had read the blog in between and I was pleased but a little shocked, just because that hadn’t really happened to me before. 

I’m not sure whether or not it will happen again, or if so, how much.