Halloween 2: The Blog Post 2013

Some of you have seen the “Halloween” horror movies. I haven’t because I am not a horror film buff. I have known a few people who are.

Those of you in the USA may have Halloween experiences this evening. You may be excited about it, hopeful, anxious. You may be an adult going to a party for people who don’t have kids but are old enough to run free. You may be a parent, who is grateful for the neighborhood parent who organized the ‘safe party for young children# – no apples harboring razor blades for your kids (that’s Trick, not Treat).

Of course, there are lots of people who will be those fantastic homes where someone has decorated a lot and dressed up and is offering good free bits of candy and providing drama but no danger or harm to kids coming through in costumes (definitely Treat, not Trick).

Well, actually, it could be trick and treat, but when it is good that that happens it usually means that someone made a haunted hay ride or walkway through their garden to their punch bowl or source of carmel apples on a stick. Those’re tricks people like so much it might be a treat rather than eggs on car windows, smashed pumpkins or razor blades or poison set into candy as if people were unwanted vermin.

I realize that you readers probably know all that, but now and then it is worth stating the obvious.

Happy Halloween!

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