Timing & Nonsequiters

The timing on the creation and delivery of this blog post is the topic of today’s post.  Yesterday, I accidentally didn’t blog and when I looked into why that might have been I realized that it was because I began the process hours earlier than I do on most days.  At that time I decided that since it was such a different time from when I usually do the daily blog post, that I wouldn’t do it.  Because I did not do it then, I ended up forgetting to do it later. 

That made it so that this morning, I felt like I should just write the blog when I have it in mind.  That way I won’t forget about it.

Timing for blogging:  I noticed that for the past few years most of the time that I blog occurs within a 3 hour window – time that before Gen Y, was known as ‘prime time’ for TV shows. 

Not being an expert on the culture of bloggers and blogging, I don’t know what % of bloggers create their posts at the same time each day, if only to be reliable to their readers.

The best I can hope for from blogging at this odd time – it is morning on a breezy day, is that some new people will find the blog and more regular readers will still find it and read it.

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