Bonding in fictional characters 2013

Many of you are aware that The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead and An Adventure in Indianapolis are the same story. What you may not know is that there are multiple edits around. There is a rough cut available as a Kindle ebook, to be printed into hard copy with the first 100 buyers. To be one of the first, go here: and order yours now.

Today’s topic is about characters in that story. Two have ‘T’ names. They are Thomas Smith, the attorney and Talitha – a character who has no last name. They are morally very different. Thomas is better than Talitha, but not because I was being sexist. As a woman author, I am sensitive to how that could be interpreted. Thomas is really a very good man. Talitha is really a good crook. How she ends up on the same side as the good guys is one thread of the plot.

Thomas and Talitha have a few common interests that help them establish and maintain rapport. The main thing is that they have matching fashion sense. This allows them to cut through a lot of personal differences and agree on things like the best angles of blazer collars and which colors go best with their skin tones. There other main shared passion, is the occult. They met because they belonged to the same occult group.

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