Ghost – writer as Halloween approaches 2013

As Halloween approaches, people on North America are busy preparing their costumes and pumpkins.  There is a little Halloween activity in Europe, but nothing like in the USA and Canada.  I don’t know about Mexico: I’m just ignorant about that. 

Ghosts are just one of the common themes for this time of year.  In North Germany, the people still celebrate Harvest – or else it really is just an event that occurs in a few farming villages.  For them, the ghosts are more like the remnants of the harvested fields than anything else.

As it happens, some of my professional experience is as a ghost-writer.  Ghost writing is what happens when someone has a decent idea, but is not going to write it.  It may be that the person is not a good writer, or is just so busy that they don’t have the time needed to devote to writing a book.  When people have the idea and the money to, they can hire a ghost writer. 

At present, I would like people to know that I am available as a ghostwriter.  A full length manuscript is about $13,000, but may be more expensive if I have to a lot of research or travel.  If travel is expected, the hiring person is expected to cover those costs.  People may contact me via LinkedIn, or Facebook, or even through Uranian Fiction for further details.

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