Blog Talk 2013

Many of you, like myself, have seen fancy blogs and others that may seem rather plain or mundane. How the current state of my blogs developed, is today’s story.

Uranian Fiction is the fanciest website I have. I actually made two of these, and did do all of this on a low budget. There is a members only blog there. Readers who come here are welcome to join there. That would even be a little exciting for me because blogging for members who did not exist became very empty for me very rapidly. If you and others actually join and nudge me now and then, I will either fuse these two blogs or do special blog posts over there to please you and the other members.

If you join the Uranian Fiction Members Only Blog today, you can do some free reading. There are blog posts and the site does also sell some of my written works and offers freebie excerpts.

There are two of them. One of them has squarish oily black looking shapes unless it has been wiped out for system reasons I do not understand. The other one has purply electric looking energy light stuff around it.

I realize readers could be anyone from wandering teens to people who are very well established in career and home ownership and all kinds of ‘grown up stuff’. Have a look, and tell your friends, maybe the kids – if they are old enough, and the people at work about the blog and the books etc..

One day I just semi-spontaneously tried this WordPress blogging. My father read it. Eventually, so did a younger woman who I actually also knew in person right in Germany. Now and then more other people seem to notice and I am grateful.

That’s the story.

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