U2 – old home videos 2013

The only music video that I own outright in a DVD=cd format is a few songs from their Best Of 1990 – 2000. Since I discovered the band during the first year that Music Television existed, having one of their music videos has a special feeling that it would not have for everyone. It is a bit like how much I knew it was special that a Split Enz album I owned in about 1986 had been laser cut with rainbow shapes. Perhaps along related lines, I really noticed earlier this week out in Bremen that even though it was still just more brick, there were places where the Germans had done some special stuff with the same old bricks they always use so there are buildings in Bremen and walkways that are special and cool in their structure and appearance.

The very short version of my own life 1990 to 2000. In 1990 I was full grown. I had never been married or pregnant. I had left home but not for a college dorm room although I did go to uni. Romance went from being something to do for fun on the side of the central activities in life, to being central…By 2000 I realized that was because the spouse or spouse and kids do kind of but not really ‘replace’ the parents and siblings as far as what having and being part of a family is. In 2000 I was working full time: romance was still big, but my romantic life was not fitting the molds it was supposed to fit. Instead of having never been pregnant, my one and only child was 4 and 5 years old. I lived in NY state, but not city in 1990 and in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2000. That leaves out a great deal, but is true. How about you? What happened in your life that decade?

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