October 2013

Well, it is already the 15th of the month and the feeling of Autumn is increasingly present and real.  We are already into the second round of seasonal decor here because the first round was about the very local village Harvest Festival and the rest is more along the lines of Americana.

I know it gets darker and then lighter on North America as well as over in Europe but my present location is North by one of those 10 degree regions one finds on globes above where I have lived over on North America in the US of A, and so, it still feels more extreme here.  Due to this over and above my years in England, this means this is the 6th time I have experienced this time of year at this latitude.  Not being from here, instead of having grown up in it and going through this at age 6 or 7 years, it was like this a little bit during my late 20s and a little more during my early 40s. 

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