Random Author Comments 2013

Writing is one thing, and that alone is a lot. Editing is another, which is also a lot. Finding an agent or publisher is also a lot. Promoting one’s works is to.

Despite having first been published in a high school magazine and having run the Summer Camp Newspaper course at least once, even now, more than 10 years after the first time I was ever paid to write I feel I am still learning the job. In truth, I never would have expected for that to be the case.

I did not expect to become rich as an adult, but had hoped to be able to secure myself a middle class income through work that I am good at and actually like even though it is work. It is true, that I believed that if I end up getting rich it would most likely be thanks to managing to do something amazing. I believed that might be possible mainly due to having developed expectations surrounding having been told from around age 9 that I was abnormally intelligent which meant I was weird, but maybe in more good ways than bad ways. Had the adults not told me that, I doubt I would have even ever thought I even might do something extraordinary, but would still have believed I could be a happy, productive member of society as an adult.

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