Uh, what’s philosophy? with personal info.

Well, when I was the one who was a teen, in the 1980s, I didn’t know what philosophy was. Like so many things, my parents did know, but hadn’t told me and so I didn’t know. It may be not exactly true that I didn’t know in that, I may have heard the word a few times and I had seen and heard snippets of a type of information that turned out to be philosophy.

Due to the circumstances, I had not thought of both Christian theology and the mystical Asian wise men on TV shows – either Buddhism or Confucianism most of the time, as being philosophy but of course they are.

Some people really see philosophy as not ever being religious or theological but when they do that, it is like getting the industrialized version of a natural remedy that can also be done as a milder herbal. That is what it seems like to me.

I found out what it was once I went to university. Some people find out about it sooner rather than later. It turns out it is about all the big questions about life. What is real? Is there a God? Do time and space exist? Is there such a thing as pure objectivity? Can humans achieve that? Is there a beginning and end of the universe? Is it really a multiverse? Is modern physics finally able to confirm or deny metaphysical theories, or does it turn out that the philosophical basis of the scientific method are screwed up? How do we figure that out?
That kind of question and finding out the answers and learning how to, is philosophy. WOW.

It was so “me” as people say when shopping and finding something nearly ideal, that I ended up with degree+ in it and managing to do at least some work in it professionally.

If you would like a mini course in this type of thing, please buy: http://www.amazon.com/Five-Big-Questions-Life-answer/dp/1617208647/ref=sr_1_9?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1353177143&sr=1-9&keywords=five+big+questions+in+life

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