Author Chat: how The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead developed

The novel The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead began to manifest in my life in 2006. It was a strange year for me in real life. It was the first year that I was neither married nor sharing my home with a lover as well as my child for the first year since before I had ever become pregnant in the first place. I was in my late 30s at the time. In other time line terms what happened is that I crossed the threshold of having spent most of my life as a child to having been an adult half of the time that I had been alive. That’s actually really different if only psychologically.

I had written a few drafts of a novel over a decade before, but “now” in 2006, I had managed to earn some pay writing and had even been paid to ghostwrite 3 nonfiction books. The pay was low but real and the projects were real. Two dating guides and a relocation manual. I may have even done one or two other ones by then, when I really think about it. A diversity in the workplace book – I only did like 20,000 words of that one, and an entire draft of a mutual funds investment book. I think I did the mutual funds book in 2006 or 2007 as my day job or the closest thing to a day job that I had and then I started looking around for fiction opps that might work.

Like so many artists I was hoping to be able to effectively market my own creative work.

Well, I found a publisher that had put out a call for submissions and for the first time in my life decided to try writing a novel to fulfill their specs but still use my own creativity. That made it a little more like ghostwriting, but like ghostwriting when the author just gives the title and a chapter outline to the ghostwriter and the rest is the ghost. The bad news is that the publisher I had hoped to please with the novel did not accept it. I edited the thing and checked it out and decided that it is a decent story, not bad at all, in my own estimation so I began to make more efforts to shop it around and get it another publisher.

Eventually, years and another edit or two later, 2 publishers showed interest but neither offered me a big fat advance. I tried one of them first but they did not do what they said – they said it was from money troubles and not that they were out to get me, so after having my ego bounced around and shame because I had advertised the novel’s release because a publisher had given me a contract on it, I managed to place it with another publisher.

Thanks to all of that, you can pre-order a copy today!

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