Halloween 2: The Blog Post 2013

Some of you have seen the “Halloween” horror movies. I haven’t because I am not a horror film buff. I have known a few people who are.

Those of you in the USA may have Halloween experiences this evening. You may be excited about it, hopeful, anxious. You may be an adult going to a party for people who don’t have kids but are old enough to run free. You may be a parent, who is grateful for the neighborhood parent who organized the ‘safe party for young children# – no apples harboring razor blades for your kids (that’s Trick, not Treat).

Of course, there are lots of people who will be those fantastic homes where someone has decorated a lot and dressed up and is offering good free bits of candy and providing drama but no danger or harm to kids coming through in costumes (definitely Treat, not Trick).

Well, actually, it could be trick and treat, but when it is good that that happens it usually means that someone made a haunted hay ride or walkway through their garden to their punch bowl or source of carmel apples on a stick. Those’re tricks people like so much it might be a treat rather than eggs on car windows, smashed pumpkins or razor blades or poison set into candy as if people were unwanted vermin.

I realize that you readers probably know all that, but now and then it is worth stating the obvious.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2013

Thanks again to all of you read the blog, share it with friends, etc..  Thanks also to each of you who have bought any of my products. 

Right now, those of you who have been reading regularly know that here in Germany, although they are increasingly aware of Halloween they are not very into it.  Here in Saxony, which may or may not be at all like the rest of Germany, they are into the Harvest season.  As only 15% of Germans live in the countryside, it may be that I am writing to you from an unusual situation, where the local farmers have every reason to celebrate the seasons.

Halloween: being an American who spent most of my life living in the USA – at least at age 45 that is the truth, I learned about it at a young age.  We learned to wear costumes and knock on the doors of those living in our neighborhoods and say “Trick or treat!”  Which really means:  Give us a treat, or we’ll give you a trick.  In reality, it isn’t that nice.  A lot of the days after Halloween, there were eggs smashed against cars, pumpkins that were assaulted by people dissatisfied by the offerings, and other relatively minor harm done by ‘tricks’ dished out by those ‘Trick or Treaters’.  

I was one of the many good kids, who just politely asked for a treat and was grateful.  Where I grew up only in good years was it warm enough out for anyone to see anything of the costumes that wasn’t the head or the feet. 

I went home and had more candy in less time that throughout the entire rest of the year.  Like most kids, I also traded sorted Halloween candy.

As an adult and as a child, in especially fortunate years I either attended or even hostessed-attended an actual Halloween party. 

As a mother, my son has now outgrown Trick or Treating until he becomes a father or escort to some children.  We went out together – one or both of us in costume, for years.  I remember the year he was so grown up he went out without me or his father. 

Whereas my birthday occurs as people are getting back to normal after the Christmas-New Year’s extravaganza, my son just had his birthday as the energy of Halloween is mounting.

Timing & Nonsequiters

The timing on the creation and delivery of this blog post is the topic of today’s post.  Yesterday, I accidentally didn’t blog and when I looked into why that might have been I realized that it was because I began the process hours earlier than I do on most days.  At that time I decided that since it was such a different time from when I usually do the daily blog post, that I wouldn’t do it.  Because I did not do it then, I ended up forgetting to do it later. 

That made it so that this morning, I felt like I should just write the blog when I have it in mind.  That way I won’t forget about it.

Timing for blogging:  I noticed that for the past few years most of the time that I blog occurs within a 3 hour window – time that before Gen Y, was known as ‘prime time’ for TV shows. 

Not being an expert on the culture of bloggers and blogging, I don’t know what % of bloggers create their posts at the same time each day, if only to be reliable to their readers.

The best I can hope for from blogging at this odd time – it is morning on a breezy day, is that some new people will find the blog and more regular readers will still find it and read it.

Bonding in fictional characters 2013

Many of you are aware that The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead and An Adventure in Indianapolis are the same story. What you may not know is that there are multiple edits around. There is a rough cut available as a Kindle ebook, to be printed into hard copy with the first 100 buyers. To be one of the first, go here: http://sbpra.com/miriampia/ and order yours now.

Today’s topic is about characters in that story. Two have ‘T’ names. They are Thomas Smith, the attorney and Talitha – a character who has no last name. They are morally very different. Thomas is better than Talitha, but not because I was being sexist. As a woman author, I am sensitive to how that could be interpreted. Thomas is really a very good man. Talitha is really a good crook. How she ends up on the same side as the good guys is one thread of the plot.

Thomas and Talitha have a few common interests that help them establish and maintain rapport. The main thing is that they have matching fashion sense. This allows them to cut through a lot of personal differences and agree on things like the best angles of blazer collars and which colors go best with their skin tones. There other main shared passion, is the occult. They met because they belonged to the same occult group.

Scattered Author Thoughts – Related to both real world and fiction 2013

Someone Facebook posted the question “If you were the main character of the novel you most recently read who would you be?”  Well, I truthfully but perhaps snidely commented that I am the author of the novel I most recently read.  Maybe that wasn’t the best way to handle it.  Then again, maybe I should have just answered the question.  The thing is, in my novels there is usually more than one main character.  If that is a major author-sin or crime, then we know what the problem is.  If I answered in relation to the novel I most recently spent time editing the answer is that one way or another the “I” is an interstellar mercenary, a brand spankin’ new mercenary order.  My choices are a young Naav Captain – female, 23 years old, engineered for the warrior life, and a 52 year old hard ass man from planet Earth called Kiel Bronson.  As I am the author I am already neither of them and both of them and so many others.  The time is thousands of years into the future compared to 2013.  The location is close to 30 Light Years from here on planet Earth.  …and it is about the best way to kick some ass, for pay.   Wow, huh.  As a real person I am a delicate, nonviolent peacenick pansy waisted Hippie-esque Earthling who would be terrified of either of those ‘main characters’ if I met them.

That just came through Facebook’s News Feed today.

Seasonal Notes:  Do you have a holiday surrounding your birthday?  If so, which is it and how did it effect you?  This is not a rhetorical question unless you choose to not post a comment.

Five Big Questions in Life:  The main characters listed above are mainly dealing with just 2 of the 5 questions covered in the nonfiction booklet Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them:  1) What is the best way to live?  2) Right & wrong: how to know which is which and are they absolute or relative?  http://www.amazon.com/Five-Big-Questions-Life-Answer/dp/1617208647/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1382708108&sr=1-1&keywords=Five+Big+Questions+in+Life

Ghost – writer as Halloween approaches 2013

As Halloween approaches, people on North America are busy preparing their costumes and pumpkins.  There is a little Halloween activity in Europe, but nothing like in the USA and Canada.  I don’t know about Mexico: I’m just ignorant about that. 

Ghosts are just one of the common themes for this time of year.  In North Germany, the people still celebrate Harvest – or else it really is just an event that occurs in a few farming villages.  For them, the ghosts are more like the remnants of the harvested fields than anything else.

As it happens, some of my professional experience is as a ghost-writer.  Ghost writing is what happens when someone has a decent idea, but is not going to write it.  It may be that the person is not a good writer, or is just so busy that they don’t have the time needed to devote to writing a book.  When people have the idea and the money to, they can hire a ghost writer. 

At present, I would like people to know that I am available as a ghostwriter.  A full length manuscript is about $13,000, but may be more expensive if I have to a lot of research or travel.  If travel is expected, the hiring person is expected to cover those costs.  People may contact me via LinkedIn, or Facebook, or even through Uranian Fiction for further details.

Late October – quasi random writer tidbits 2013

When information is not linear but all pertains to one concept or just a moment, the result may be poetic:

A jangling jester’s bells

Leaves rustling in the wind

Crows caw

Goats smile and gnaw

What was green is now often a golden yellow

…and then suddenly a link to Atlantis: I wonder if there ever was a real one.  If so, it was just submerged, like many other real places, due to rising sea levels at times of climate change.  If so, it was apparently high tech for the era, which may mean they bothered to cover human feces, or had aquaducts or the wheel and perfume.   Here is a link to a guest post of someone else’s work.  http://www.sfsignal.com/archives/tag/guest-post/

Here is a link to some of my work – not this chat stuff, but actual story.  http://uranianfiction.com/

Urban Fiction – Uranian Fiction – Miriam Pia

Urban Fiction – Uranian Fiction – Miriam Pia

For those who like both the inner realms of the mind and the outer world of action, this urban drug crime mystery story offers a treasure trove of intrigue and surprise. 

For those who like magic, there is just a touch of the real thing in this avant garde novel. 

Check out the handy link to where you can buy yours today, right at the touch of a button.

Tool’s 10,000 Days

Age 27 years, I believe = 10,000 days of life experience. Like everyone else, I’m taking it day by day.

Perhaps there will be more posts about works I’m promoting. I have mixed emotions about self promotion. All successful artists do it a lot. When anyone wants me or my work, like everyone else, I like it. When people buy my stuff – at my present stage of development I take it personally in a good way. I feel like it means you really care: by The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead, or Five Big Questions in Life and show you actually care.

I am acutely aware, like everyone else is, that all promotional material and advertising is somehow as offensive when unwanted or undesired as it is loved when it is actually wanted. In that respect, it is a bit like romantic or sexual contact. Because of that, I feel …like that about it. I want my creative works to really sell and to be bought by those who will most like them…I don’t really want to sell them to those who will be grossed out.

Thanks for understanding!

Blog Talk 2013

Many of you, like myself, have seen fancy blogs and others that may seem rather plain or mundane. How the current state of my blogs developed, is today’s story.

Uranian Fiction is the fanciest website I have. I actually made two of these, and did do all of this on a low budget. There is a members only blog there. Readers who come here are welcome to join there. That would even be a little exciting for me because blogging for members who did not exist became very empty for me very rapidly. If you and others actually join and nudge me now and then, I will either fuse these two blogs or do special blog posts over there to please you and the other members.

If you join the Uranian Fiction Members Only Blog today, you can do some free reading. There are blog posts and the site does also sell some of my written works and offers freebie excerpts.

There are two of them. One of them has squarish oily black looking shapes unless it has been wiped out for system reasons I do not understand. The other one has purply electric looking energy light stuff around it.

I realize readers could be anyone from wandering teens to people who are very well established in career and home ownership and all kinds of ‘grown up stuff’. Have a look, and tell your friends, maybe the kids – if they are old enough, and the people at work about the blog and the books etc..

One day I just semi-spontaneously tried this WordPress blogging. My father read it. Eventually, so did a younger woman who I actually also knew in person right in Germany. Now and then more other people seem to notice and I am grateful.

That’s the story.