Meandering author talk – late September 2013

Well, before I head off to bed for the night, I’m blogging. There is more than one school of thought about this. Some believe that blogging by authors should be purely professional. Others think it is ideal if authors never make any money successfully selling their works, but that it is great if they provide some free interaction and entertainment – wasn’t it really just that they wanted attention?

It is weekend. I still haven’t revisited the local church for the purpose of seeing if my German has improved enough to understand the service in German now, and to commune with the divine. I do believe, and have dealt with a lot of people who don’t and with a lot of people who seem weird about it on the believer side as well. I had thought I would have by now, but still haven’t.

I watched some more movies. I under use TV nowadays and over use movies. It means I have been watching some movies just once and others many times over. There are certain ways of handling it that also make it possible to see how the mind changes.

I did yard work today and some housework. Due to my lifestyle I just do some daily instead of mainly catching up on all of it at the weekend. Middle aged stuff. In my own view, I’m now old enough to switch to decaf: age 45 years. I haven’t but when I was between 30 and 35 years old I decided in my own mind that age 45 is a good age for dropping the use or abuse of caffeine. Get over it, out grow it, stuff like that.

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