Well, we’ve heard of fame and then there are forms of fandom or people who end up being able to “hob nob” with “high status” people. 

Now, there is always the question: what is the right way to treat such people?  Surely they deserve to have their excellence acknowledged and yet it might be helpful to them to have experiences to ‘keep them down to Earth’ not in bad way, but just help them stay people, if you know what I’m getting at. 

In my own peculiar life, the way this has shown up is that I am still not even semi-famous, but I had thought I might be as a result of managing to share some of better talents and skills with the world (uh, that means other people, including you and some trees etc.) in a way that works well for large numbers of people including myself. 

What has happened, though, is that there is some stuff published and during the past couple of years, I have begun to have a new joyful experience involving ‘the famous’.  It is very subtle but overt: it is called being Tweeted by famous people or having some famous people on the FB friends list.  I suppose for some it is the same as ‘fandom’.  I feel weird about that because of what my own ego is like: palatial in some locations, but having been damaged from all the bombing in other areas…and I am not 15 years old…in 2013, but I do really like that some famous people have actually Tweeted me.  I am not sure if it just the person’s office worker or the famous person his or herself.

If I write who it is, is that “name dropping” and “celebrity gossip”?  I’m not sure.  Maybe they will be glad and maybe they will punish me.  Here goes:  The 14th Dalai Lama – wow, was that ever a pleasant surprise.  Soon thereafter, the musician Marilyn Manson – the main confusion here is whether that was the singer or the entire band.  George Takei and Annie Lennox showed up on Facebook.  Neil Gaiman but also Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner ended up working themselves into my Twitter feed within the past 2 years.  Even Amanda Palmer, Mitzi Szereto and Tom Hiddleston are there, right along with the usual CNN and BBC.  Even Samuel Jackson appeared in my Twitter list.  There are other people who are actually in the publishing industry, some are like Flying Pen Press, Writer’s Relief, and ProBlogger at this point, but we’ll see.  I unfairly did not mention Nicole – the mother of 5 who writes food articles and Bonny Grrl.  Some of these people are editors but I still like I’m not using the connections correctly some of the time.

Anyway, that’s @FamousPerson#FameChat2013

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