Setting & Characters in The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead

As noted yesterday, the setting is various points within Indianapolis, Indiana.  Indiana is flat up in the North: in that respect it is shockingly akin to Germany, which has mountains down South but is flat for hundreds of miles  further North.  Within that context, Indianapolis does have a few hills.  The type of landscape emphasized in this tale of unraveling a plot to manufacture meth amphetamine within the I465.  Was i inspired from having watched crime fiction TV series shortly before and after I wrote the novel?  Quite possibly.  Still, CSI has not ever been in Indianapolis, to the best of my knowledge. 

The story occurs mainly right inside the city, but there are a few suburban areas and stylish residential homes and all of the middle class realities and pretentions are featured as part of the setting.

What really makes the story so different is that it is in certain respects a very atypical crime story.  It is not about a murder, in the first place.  Not only that but when the story opens the situation is that the  county Sheriff is  frustrated because he has information about a plot and is aware enough to have some idea of who is involved but not nearly enough of the information he needs to really clear up the mystery and make arrests and send guilty people to Court.  The team of people unleashed through the Mayor’s Office work both independently and as a team to find the missing information and solve the mystery.   In that respect, the style of story borrows from real life: in real life we so often have some information to go on….drawing conclusions without just leaping to the wrong ones is a real world challenge.  Crimes and solutions are out there in the real world. 

Here we are in the Information Age!  You can get yours now:

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