Writer’s Life – 2013, what is it like?

Today is a different angle on how I’m a writer. Ten years ago, I had been published. When I was first published it was in the high school magazine. Once in 1994 I was published for $0.01/word -a short story and a poem in a small newsletter. During the late 1990s another short story and an article were published in England’s “Pagan magazines”. In the first decade of the New Millenium things changed a bit. In the beginning it did not look like it. I managed to be paid ‘a free book’ and had a few reviews published in American “Pagan Magazines”.

In 2005, I was paid to ghostwrite a couple of books, they were nonfiction. One was about relocating from outside of the USA to the USA. Having lived outside the USA once, in England for what totaled 5 years, I had once personally experienced moving to the USA from abroad which added to the feeling that I could write about it. The others were dating guidebooks for Closeout Explosion, based in one of the boroughs of NYC.

In 2006 I wrote a novel. This is the urban crime story for sale at http://sbpra.com/miriampia/.

In 2008 & 2009 I wrote a lot of book summaries for BookRags.

In 2011 I wrote a nonfiction booklet of only 20,000 words which is Five Big Questions in Life – it is introductory philosophy for a general adult audience intended to help people actually ‘do philosophy’ and not just learn about theory and nothing you need an PhD or engineering degree to be able to use.

In 2013 I have the rough draft of another novel – which you have been hearing about if you have been reading this blog. It needs loads of editing before I submit it to publishers who will, if they accept it, tell me how they want me to edit it even more and then they will publish it.

As far as daily life goes. I haven’t led the same lifestyle the whole time. In the Life game, this is the 1st quarter of the second half.

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