Early Autumn 2013 – Editing

This evening’s blog is a little later because I actually did another bit of work.  This time it was editing a future release – at least, my intention is to get the story out to avid readers of science fiction. 

Some of you have heard of Gezka FaucMerz and Kiel Bronson by now.  What you may not have known, is that they have some connection to the Norse deity Loki.  Those of you who really know the myths, know that Loki was not always ‘the villain’ but he was always tricky.  Along those lines, is the connection of these main characters to that rascal of ancient deity.  The story is set far into the future, possibly in an alternate universe more than only into the distant future.  In that future, Loki showed up and made it possible for billions of humans to survive in reaches of space more than 30 Light Years from Earth, where it would have otherwise been possible.  Atheists, do not credit the god with any of it, but others believe the Norse trickster saved them, and created a greater future for humanity in the further reaches of space.

Given the recent success of the Thor movies involving Loki, I must tell you that this SF story – and Loki’s involvement go back with me over 20 years, but the recent resurgence of awareness about that deity thanks to the movies has nurtured my tendency to make their connection overt rather than covert.

Space colonization has enabled humanity to continue to multiply and to occupy out to around 35 Light Years from our home word, planet Earth, in these science fiction stories.

4 thoughts on “Early Autumn 2013 – Editing

  1. miriamspia says:

    There are a few typos. I apologize for having left them in, in my enthusiasm.

  2. How did an individual connect everything together?
    I usually such as making use of drywall screws, but nails are
    really a good deal more rapid.

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