This day’s scattered commentary

11 September 2001 the World Trade Center towers suffered a direct blow in a terrorist attack to bring attention to matters of unjust trade policies abroad that I’m not sure have ever been explained or clarified, let alone argued against or corrected in ways that I understand 12 years later. 

The warfare that ensued was twice as long as each of the world wars of the 20th century, as long as both of those wars put together.    I still recall the way I felt when I read the headlines Baghdad taken (or secured) just 2 weeks after troops set foot there compared to the way I felt when I received the email from Obama telling me the troops were finally leaving the country in 2012.  I met 3 Iraqis while living in Germany who told me the help from the Americans was actually appreciated but they were ready for us to leave.  A woman in the same German lessons in Germany told me that in 2011. 

The day it happened my personal life was good and no one in the closest ranks of my personal circles of favoritism were harmed.  I was able to feel compassion without feeling unpleasantly forced to feel other peoples’ emotions about it or to get sucked into being sad or angry.

The reason I put it that way, is that in genera I am compassionate but the truth is that every single day there are horrors to suffer and cry over and other events which are joyous and a lot that are in between and some that are mixed.  I really learned that over the years.  One can be compassionate without having to ‘get sad’ whenever there is bad news on TV etc..

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