Today looks like a replay 2013

Some days stand out in marked contrast from one another in one’s mind, eve as gems for years – precious memories.  Other days seem like a dull grey boredom that one would like to just wipe out.  There were two years when I was able to work as a trainee to the Master Gardener of estates for wealthy urban people – the yards of rich people.  They are often a little more or differently complicated than poorer peoples’ yards.  You’ve seen pix of hedgerow mazes, so you know what I mean.  Anyway, when I did that, one of many lessons was to recognize and accept wash outs as well as working days and to differentiate them from off season. 

Some days there is really not much one can do, other than have the sense to accept the conditions one is really dealing with. 

By the way, most of you know, but there are 3 weeks in the late Spring after a rain when growth speeds up about 7 notches.  If you don’t pay attention the right way at that time, your yard could be a mess for the rest of the year: weeds don’t care whether or not your wealthy, middle class or poor but will notice if they are fertilized, torn out, or left to do their thing without interference. 

What you may not have expected from ‘just the gardeners’ was that there was more than Master’s degree, and multiple professional and high level amateur writers as well as Mums and Ravers on the small crews I worked with.  I’m just telling you because I don’t know what your stereotypes about rich peoples’ gardener’s are.  Rumor has it the gardeners are most likely to accommodate an aristocrat’s need or desire for an extramarital affair.  You’ve actually met and all of that.  Funny or sad but true?

  That’s not what happens most days.

I’m not sure what I was getting at other than that some days just are or seem like repeats of other days, but some events stand out in our minds even years later.

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