Big questions – is there a god?

One of the many questions in life is about what reality is rooted on. Many of us have heard of the Big Bang and were educated about the atom, although more details have been revealed during the past 20 years. Most of us have also heard of God and some of gods, including goddesses.

While at least one short book could be written about what a deity really is – and I may end up writing it myself, this question is covered in one concise chapter of

Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them. I explain the basics of the situation as people find it in daily life in the real world. Then I give tips as to how to select the best kind of information to use in reaching conclusions about the evidence. I do reveal my own view, but leave it to readers to disagree or to agree by checking their own thinking and decision making instead of bowing to my argument from authority.

This is just one example of you can help yourself, your family, or your friends whether you are a college student or a busy parent – grab yours now:

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