Random, unpredictable, spontaneous blog posting 2013

Like so many other days, I have not pre-planned what I am going to blog to those of you who actually read this.  I spotted a new publication by Dellani Oakes on my way in here.  I have seen Dellani online, in more than one place so I had some of that feeling one gets of seeing someone one knows. 

The grammar on the he, she, he and she plural form but meaning an individual form having multiple possible forms is a little complicated, if only psychologically and politically. 

Fiction characters:  In The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead, one of the characters is a young Catholic priest.  Zach O’Malley.  One is even only ever described by his ‘online name’ Skilleas Fog.  For some reason, the others are known by their normal names but his is never given.  Whether or not it is the same is never explained.  As for Tutweiler Buckhead, he’s a criminal mastermind who just thinks of himself as a manager. 

For access to that story, sign up to receive a fine first edition hard cover print:  http://sbpra.com/MiriamPia/

FYI: I lived in the city the story is based in for 10 years, 6 years of that before writing the novel.  Urban crime fiction intended for a wide general adult audience, The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead has a touch of magic.

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