Meet Up Drama?

In reality there was no meet up group drama, but that does mean that I finally got out and interacted with people in the city this evening. That was the first time in a month, I think, that I made it all the way to the nearest city. Bremen – the home of Beck’s Beer and the Roland Statue. Very much a Northern German thing.

Here is another simple reality about Germany to stay organized: Southern Germany has mountains. Northern Germany is flat.

Factoid: up until 1870 there was no nation of Germany per se, but a bunch of political regions within which all the different peoples spoke German. Nowadays it doesn’t seem as believable that a place a few days journey away by horse is far enough away to support a different government – and yet it is easy to believe when we see that is the kind of thing that local governments are. Due to that, sometimes the Germans feel like one people and one country and other times they have flashbacks to using their international and cross cultural German language …with the same type of attitude that an Australian and an American or a Canadian and someone ‘from the States’ might chit chat across certain divides.

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