This is not a Sunday – how time warps

Today, the strange experience has been that my 17 year old who was born in 1995 did not recognize Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones very well but after watching a few scenes suddenly said, “Hey, that’s Han Solo.” What was just as strange was that, although I also know that, not only did I not expect the younger person to do that, but it made me realize that all these years later I actually stopped doing that to Indiana Jones. Even though I know that is the same actor, I accepted the other character. It is true that they have in common that they are adventurous good, but not ‘spit and polished’ type men but I think there is more to Indiana Jones than just being ‘Han Solo in a different context’. How type cast was the actor?

How windy and warm or not it is effects how the laundry dries.

If I were to think about how Gezka FaucMerz and Kiel Bronson might be cast in a movie, at this point Gezka would have to be computer graphic animation over a ‘stunt double’ type of person or it would have to be a very big woman in a strange costume or a man in drag – either way a weird, heavy duty costume. I’m not sure who could be play Kiel Bronson, he is a strong built large mulatto in his early 50s. If needed the movie people could use a darker or lighter man in the same role, but in the story he is a mulatto and I fist came up with Kiel over 20 years ago – he hasn’t aged a day. He is at least average looking but not necessarily gorgeous, strong built and a strong jaw line. While we hope the actor isn’t a dreadful fighter, for Kiel, we need someone who has the right build to be quite an out and out brawler.

The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead, aka An Adventure in Indianapolis, is easier to cast. All the major roles could be done using cast from any of the Thor trilogy and the Harry Potter Films. If he can also play a very good guy – the guy who played Draco Malfoy could play the young Father O’Malley, if the movie deal came to be and were made soon. Father O’Malley is very young and while fiction characters wait, time doesn’t wait for the thespians.

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