Fruit and berries as Seasonal indicators

OK, well. That is some of my creative work aka ‘an effort to do something productive with my time and to share with society and to be a responsible adult and work and earn.’

During August, right next to my driveway, this tree began to develop, well, fruit. At first it just looked weird – like some aspects of human puberty developments, but now, weeks later, it is actually looking like real fruit and not just a joke.

There are 5 public TV channels in Germany and I still have not bought the little part that will join the wires properly and voila! TV service. I have been receiving and throwing away the magazine for the cable TV service I am not receiving for nearly 2 years now. My laundry is done, however, even the most recent ironing. I believe on the slide rule of gender analysis this suggests yet again, that I am female. There is at least one man presently married to a different woman who would have taken care of that the day we got the TV. My son, is nearly full grown but he hasn’t taken care of it either – so perhaps it is generational and not just gender or perhaps he would only do that for a romantic partner but not for his mother.

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